Thursday, October 31, 2019

Stampin' Up! Trimmer Available on November 1st!

It's what you have been waiting for.  A new blade. A new scoring tool.  A new trimmer!
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As a Demonstrator, I have been using the new trimmer for about three weeks now.  Although there was a small learning curve with the bar, the trimmer has many different features that I know you will enjoy using.

  • The trimmer is lightweight, portable, and perfect for making stable and straight cuts.
  • There are imperial and metric measurements.
  • Ruler and grid protected by durable plastic cover.
  • Point on cutting handle for precise measuring.
  • Right-sided grid for cutting thin strips.  
  • There is an opening at the top so you can hand on your wall using a hook.
  • The extension arm extends just longer than 17"
  • Cutting 6" paper is now super easy as there is a small lip on the left side so lining up your paper is super easy.

The trimmer comes with one cutting blade and one scoring blade.  Additional blades will be available for purchase coming in January of 2020.

Trimmer Item # is 152392 and sells for $25.

I hope you head over to my online store and get your order in early.  The trimmer will be a hot seller!


Inspired By Gram
Inspired By Gram

My name is Karen McNall, and I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator. Inspired By Gram was created after my grandmother. She taught me many crafting skills over the years and I enjoy being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator teaching and sharing the art of rubber stamping and papercrafting.

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